KiwiBuy makes it possible for average Kiwis to own their own homes.

Limited KiwiBuy products and services are already available across Aotearoa New Zealand through providers such as the Housing Foundation and Habitat for Humanity.

Check out one of our new build homes - Glen Innes, Auckland


Kiwibuy is about making it possible for more kiwis to afford to own their first home.

Since the early 1990s home ownership rates have fallen continuously:

This decline in homeownership rates from 1991 coincides with the end of State support for home ownership programmes for modest income households.

However due to a range of constraints including funding and access to affordable and appropriate land, the delivery of enough KiwiBuy homes to meet demand has not been possible.


For most Kiwis the capacity to buy a home with today’s inflated markets and current mortgage constraints is simply unaffordable. KiwiBuy provides ownership options that bridge the gap.

Current NZ home ownership Stats and Facts:

  • Right now the home ownership rate sits at the lowest level in 65 years.
  • New zealand’s home ownership has been falling since the early 1990s.
  • In 1991 almost 74% of households owned their home either debt free or with a mortgage. Today that proportion is less than 63%.
  • If New Zealand today had the same rate of home ownership that we had in 1991 then 200,000 more families and households would own their homes instead of renting.


What are the programmes that make up KiwiBuy?

Shared Ownership

Under the ‘Affordable Equity’ model a household purchases a share of the property at a price point they can afford (subject to criteria and conditions). The remainder is owned by our community housing providers and both parties will be represented on the property title. The household organises their own mortgage (with support from KiwiBuy), the advantage being that under this arrangement, they will have a smaller mortgage than they will ordinarily require to purchase the property at market value.


  • You get all the privileges of home ownership without having to fund 100% of the cost yourself
  • You buy what you can afford
  • Your interest in the home grows in proportion to your ownership share (if you own 70% of the home you get 70% of any value uplift)
  • You can increase your share to 100% over time; KiwiBuy encourages you to become the full owner of your home
  • When you want to move on you can sell your equivalent share (e.g. 70%) back to the housing provider, or on the open market, based on an independent valuation less a management fee.
Progressive Home Ownership

Under the ‘Affordable Rental’ model you occupy a new home built by one of our providers, paying the equivalent of a fair market rent and determined by what is affordable based on your total gross household income (before tax)


  • Over a 5 year period the community housing provider delivers financial planning support so you can clear your debts and save a deposit
  • You will join Kiwisaver (if not joined up already) and after the qualifying period you can use your savings towards the deposit for your home
  • Partnership with an organisation that shares your aspirations to be a homeowner
  • Stability of tenure, making sure you have a decent place to call home, with affordable payments and without fear of eviction
  • Support services, so that at year 5 you are mortgage ready
  • A hand up to put your deposit together
  • A well priced home to call your own


Kiwibuy is a campaign of the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, the Housing Foundation and Community Housing Aotearoa.

Salvation Army – Working for the eradication of poverty in New Zealand

Habitat for Humanity – Who deliver KiwiBuy products and services across Aotearoa

Housing Foundation – Who deliver KiwiBuy products and services across Aotearoa

Community Housing Aotearoa – Who represent all CHPs nationwide who want to see all New Zealanders well housed.


Funding issues and limited access to affordable and appropriate land means KiwiBuy cannot deliver enough homes to meet growing demand. Our government needs to address these issues immediately.

Add your voice to help us get the government to take action. Sign our petition now – click on this link – thank you for supporting our mutual cause.